Accounts receivable purchasing, factoring

Selling accounts through the service of purchase of accounts receivable is a factoring service that suits for companies that value flexibility, convenience and freedom of choice. Purchase of accounts receivable is a simpler and more flexible alternative to traditional factoring because, depending on the financing project, it can be decided when and which invoices to finance.

Accounts receivable purchasing arrangement enables your company to:
  • Offer your clients better and more competitive payment conditions.
  • Pay the suppliers earlier and get discounts on orders.
  • Free working capital and improve the company`s liquidity.
Who are the clients of purchase of accounts receivable service?
Mainly companies whose number of invoices that require financing is small and financing needs occur seasonally, within the framework of some specific project or are temporary prefer purchase of accounts receivable service. In addition, accounts receivable purchase arrangement is a good solution for companies involved in seasonal work or that have temporary liquidity problems.

How an accounts receivable purchase arrangement works:
  • It is possible to sell some accounts receivable or the entire accounts receivable portfolio.
  • We assess the creditworthiness of the company that has to pay the invoice.
  • We ask a confirmation about the delivery from the company that has to pay the invoice.
  • We pay the total amount of the sales invoice less service charges on the same day or within two following business days.
How to apply for an accounts receivable purchase arrangement?
Please ask us for a quote for accounts receivable purchase! After you have submitted your request and necessary documents, we will agree upon financing conditions and enter into a contract.
Documents necessary for applying:
  • Contract.
  • Contracts made with purchasers or accepted orders based on which you wish to factor.
  • If necessary, we ask additional documents.
If you are interested in an accounts receivable purchase arrangement, please ask for a quote at